Lessons from our bullfrog.

Background -

About eight years ago we converted our small 15,000 gallon swimming pool into a water lilie, goldfish, koi pond. It was a family event Curtis Griffin and Sage all helped with the manual labor.  Like life, and beautiful art a beautiful pond is a matter of balance. For the pond all you need is  good algae (bacteria), green plants and animal life and the water will be perfectly clear.  Chemicals are not necessary. If you know me you know I really mean chemicals are not necessary. 

Back to the  bullfrog-

This little guy has lived in our pond for about six years. When he was just a tadpole I could get in the pond with my camera and photograph him from an arms distance. He is very wise and cautious now that he is older so we rarely see him. Today with the rain from hurricane Patricia he is out and about.  He is the perfect reminder that to have a balanced life you must embrace the moment and put yourself out there. Kind of like writing a bog I mean blog.