Opportunity to curate

I was offered the opportunity to curate  a part of a hall  in the Glassell studio school with my work from the advanced drawing class, and I jumped on it. I decided to leave "stratis de insectum" and the insectum series up and added two of my hat drawings. The subject matter and styles of the four pieces are very different but what makes it work in an eclectic way is they are:  1. all works on paper, 2. all basically charcoal, ink and oil stick. The color of the insects in the assemblage piece "status de insectum" gives the exhibit a pop and keeps it from being boring. 


I left the lower corners unpinned on the hats on purpose. Once you draw on paper and use water on  the paper the paper  takes on a new body a new energy and life. I think it gives the work more of a 3D quality.