I just saw in my email the Houston Metal Arts Guild newsletter. The heading announced that the juror for their show "spirit and Matter" has made his selections. I was disappointed since I have not received an "accepted" email. I submitted a small bronze and gold leaf piece  "lifting spirit"

 My submission  

My submission  


I scanned the announcement to see what kind of work was accepted.......... and surprise I am on the list of artist accepted. Wahoo! I am not sure why I have not received an email I am just thrilled to be on the list.

 Screen shot of newsletter

Screen shot of newsletter


below is a description of the show and jurors letter. 

Spirit and Matter 2016 will be a spectacular exhibit of 59 pieces by 33 Texas metal artists selected from a pool of 99 entries by 48 artists from across the state.  As this event was open to  metal artists of traditional and representational subject matter, the entries represented an extremely wide range of artistic style and ability.  The juror, Andy Cooperman, had his work cut out for him and had this to say:

“What makes a great piece of Art or Craft? Wish I knew for sure. I can only say what rings my bells, what resonates with me. But the responsibility of jurying an exhibition requires more than a gut reaction or simple preference. In the case of Spirit and Matter, it meant considering each submission through the lens of these criteria:

  • Is the work in some way compelling?
  • Is there depth in form or idea?
  • Is it well made–is the maker committed to the object?
  • Is it original?
  • Does it hold up to multiple viewings; does it stick in my mind?
  • And finally, how does the work balance with the artist’s statement?

All of these qualities must be successfully manifested in a relatively small number of pixels in an image floating on the screen of an iMac. Tall order to be sure!

There was a wide range of work submitted. As a maker I understand and acknowledge the dedication involved in making something and then taking the risk of having it judged, so I looked carefully at every entry, several times. The work that I ultimately selected survived multiple rounds and I believe best illustrates the powerful partnership between spirit and matter.”

– Andy Cooperman, Seattle –

Congratulations to our invited artists!

Deirdre Barrett – Houston, TX
Jane Bocchini – Houston, TX
Anke Bohmer – Spring, TX
Mary Davenport – Houston, TX
Diana Diebold – Houston, TX
Martha Ferguson – Houston, TX
Terry Fromm – Houston, TX
Marsha Greene – Houston, TX
Jan Harrell – Houston, TX
Al Heilman – Willis, TX
Cynthia Hendrickson – Kingwood, TX
Rene Henry – Houston, TX
Jessica Jacobi – Deer Park, TX
Kathleen Janvier – Irving, TX
Younha Jung – Houston, TX
Cindee Klement – Houston, TX
Dave Koenig – Houston, TX
Debbie Leh-Pargac – Houston, TX
Beatrice Mladenka-Fowler – Houston, TX
Tamar Navama – Dallas, TX
Jillian Palone – San Antonio, TX
Jo Preston – Houston, TX
Angela Roberts – North Richland Hills, TX
Sarah Roberts – Converse, TX
Nancy Slagle – Lubbock, TX
Laura Sprague – Houston, TX
Olga Starostina – Houston, TX
Robert Straight – Bellaire, TX
Sarma Taylor – Houston, TX
Amber Tiemann – League City, TX
Jess Tolbert – Austin, TX
Joyce Welch – Deer Park, TX
Adriane Wiltse – Houston, TX