Poetic moment





November 13, 2016

I experienced one of life's poetic moments this morning. 

The back story:  I have been working on a sculpture since 2013 called "gust" a series of bronze hats that are caught in a gust of wind. They tumble, twist and dance into frayed, tattered and torn abstracted shapes. When you consider my dedication to this body of art you will understand why this morning's walk was punctuated with a poetic moment.

Poetic moment:  On a dog walk this morning my husband saw this tiny acorn cap hanging about 4' high from a single thread of a spider web. We took the dogs home and I came back to shoot this video. If you listen carefully you will hear the taptaptap of a dog walking quickly in the street to my left. As the taps get louder, the dance of this precarious tiny cap - grander.

As an artist whose focus is capturing energy through drawing and sculpture (not to mention my focus on gusts and hats) this was a moment of sheer poetry.

- "gust" (acorn) cap 



One of my favorites in my "gust" series

One of my favorites in my "gust" series