Photo shoot

As an artist I spend hours, days, weeks and maybe sometimes years on a particular piece. Then I  photograph the piece myself. In order to get an ok composition it  takes me half a day, then a half a day editing. I know my photographes are not horrible but they are also not what a professional (artist) photographer who can compose. This summer I started looking for someone to create photographs of my work who would take the time and care I would take but, also have the knowledge about lighting and shadows that I do not. I want someone to not just shoot my work but to compose the photographs as carefully as I create my art.

A few weeks ago at the Center for contemporary craft I heard Will Michels speak about art and photography (for artist) and documenting your work. His lecture was very well organized and his photographs were stunning. Will's understanding of lighting and the way he manipulates shadows was just what I was looking for. In addition, his resume is very impressive; he teaches at Glassell,  he has won numerous awards, he is one of the MFAH photographers and curated the war photography exhibit at the museum.

November 5, 2916

Will started photographing my sculptures. This is one of the photos Will took. 

shake shake shake - wire II     photo by will michels

shake shake shake - wire II   

photo by will michels

I think I made a good decision and look forward to future photo shoots with Will.  

Checkout his website