Cranescape - lenticular

This lenticular is made from two pieces "dance of the cranes" interlaced with "sunset cranes".  

I am trying to decide on a title for this piece ???????????  

  Growing up in a small border town, seeing a  skyline of construction cranes is invigorating and exciting. The cranes as a subject matter are a symbol of opportunity to me. I drew the four pieces in the series spring/summer of 2015 because of my personal connection with the Houston cranes.

This past year while traveling I noticed that Miami, Washington DC, Dallas, Ft. Worth, and New York City all have  skylines littered with construction cranes. With a bit of research I learned that the US is experiencing a construction boom.

These Cranescapes record this moment in US economic history (469.5 billion in construction starts in 2015). My abstract interpretation of this moment could be any city experiencing a construction boom. This gives the work universal appeal for anyone interested in American contemporary art.