New inspiration.

 People always ask me where I get my inspiration so here is a post about something that inspires me that may inspire a future project. 

I listen to a lot of podcast (as I try to get my 10,000 fit bit steps in) and was moved by a poem in the one I heard this morning. I tracked down the words and have cut and pasted them below. 

           "Where I live"  

 "I live in a world where most people are too afraid to go. Surrounded by tall, concrete walls, steel bars, where razor wire have a way of cutting away at the hopes for a brighter tomorrow.

I live in a world that kill people who kill people in order to teach people that killing people is wrong. Imagine that. Better yet, imagine a world where healed people helped hurt people heal and become strong. Maybe then we would all be singin' "Redemption Song."

I live in a world that has been called "hell on Earth" by those trapped inside. But I've come to the stark realization that prison --it really is what you make it. You see, in spite of the harshness of my reality, there is a silver lining. I knew that my freedom was gonna come, it was just a matter of time. And so I treated my first steps as if they were my last mile, and I realized that you don't have to be free in order to experience freedom.

And just because you're free, doesn't mean that you have freedom. Many of us, for years, have been battling our inner demons. We walk around smiling when inside we're really screamin':freedom!

Don't you get it? We're all serving time;we're just in different places. As for me, I choose to be free from the prisons I've created. The key:forgiveness. Action's my witness. If we want freedom, then we gotta think different. Because freedom isn't a place. It's a mind setting"    

                           - James Cavett  

I share James' philosophy about happiness - It comes from within. It is too bad more people do not get this concept. He did a beautiful job of articulating his experience with the mind set. He is an artist of language and I am in awe. 

I will put this poem in my folder of inspiration. The place I go to when I want to start a new drawing or new sculpture. I highly recommend listening to him recite the piece. His voice is very strong. 

here is a link to the pod cast.

The title of the Ted  talk is "redemption | john legend".  

You also get to hear john legends song.  

We will see where this takes me on my journey.............