New piece # 5 - potential title of work.

During my recent travels, I have kept my eye out for an appropriate title for this new piece. I was reading an article in Papercity magazine about art curator Anna Brodbeck (see the quote below).

"A curator I recently worked with described the act of curating as conducting the artist’s score, and I think that’s true," she says. "It’s our responsibility to bring an artist’s vision to bear, while framing it in comprehensive ways for audiences, and hopefully discovering something new or challenging old assumptions."

                                    - Anna Brodbeck.

Her use of the word score made me think about the piece I am currently working on. Wikipedia defines score as "a written or printed representation of a musical work".  Could it also mean a sculptural representation of the energy of a musical work? I think so. For now, I am going to refer to this piece as "score". I say "for now" because I have discovered that, as I build pieces, adding layer upon layer additional meanings are exposed and sometimes the new meanings are more important than my original concept. 

In addition, the shadows of this piece will be awesome to work with.