Changing title- ΟΧΙ ΚΑΡΤΕΣ- no cards #13 retitled Broken when completed

This will take time to come up with the right title.


As I work on the piece, I am constantly thinking about the social situation that it is depicting. I am constantly questioning, and asking myself: What is the most important message it can convey? What is simplest way to communicate the message? What should the title be? 

As I near completion of the piece, I have decide that the most important lesson that we can learn from Athens is that the tone is set at the top. When a civilization's leadership is corrupt, then its people will follow suit. I am renaming this piece:

”the tone is set at the top - Greece in crisis 2017” 


Working on the piece I often consider how influential Greece was in ancient times and how if it can happen to can happen to any civilization. 


Still thinking