Success or failure. "Fragility- kalidescope " Started a new piece.

 "Fragility- kalidescope" Started a new piece.

I purchased a 20" diameter round piece of plexi with beveled edges primarily to use with "gust". I decided today to paint watercolor turtles on it much like a kaleidoscope in layout.


Pictured below:  This was 5hrs. of painting/drawing. I started by laying out on a piece of paper the spacing of the turtles. 


You can see my layout of the turtle spacing under the plexi.  


2 hour s later. 


Next I soaked my paper for 20 minutes. I made the decision to put it on the press on the wet side hoping to get a watery look. 


The overly wet paper caused the bleeding shown above. When I saw the bleed I was at first disappointed  that it didn't cause a more evenly distributed blur. And at the same time I felt excited by the accidentle result. This is a big no-no in the printing world but as a person who draws and is interested in mark making, movement and energy it exciting to me.  To quote artist and friend Camille Warmington it created a ghost circle, such a poetic term. 

I will let it dry and study it next week - time will tell if this is a success or a failure.  


Detail of plate.  


fragility - kaleidoscope

30" X 22"  

I have given it a week and I think it is a keeper.  

It has actually given me an idea I can't wait to try.