Telephone interview - Airport art in Texas

Friday January 26th I received an email via my website from Gene Fowler. I am horrible with names, I knew his name but could not place it. A quick google and ........he wrote an article in Glasstire that I actually blogged about recently. 

You can only imagine the excitement I felt when I  put 2 and 2 together. 

 Screenshot of the email 

 Screenshot of the email 

Below I have pasted the paragraph and a link to  article that touched me. 

 “The title That Day underscores the viewer’s sense of being there beside the photographer and the way in which the captured moment remains ever fresh in the image, some of which were made as early as 1979. That was the year when Dallas-based Wilson began assisting Richard Avedon with his own six-year photography project, In The American West. Describing Avedon’s portraiture process in her 2004 book, Avedon At Work In The American West, Wilson noted that he would wait for what Eudora Welty called “a story teller’s truth… the moment in which people reveal themselves. You have to be ready, in yourself; you have to know the moment when you see it.” “

He called me Monday and I rambled on about hats and their truth, their stories and the moment I was ready to hear their stories.


I am sure that he is interviewing several artist regarding  their work in the Texas airports. The hope to make the cut.