The art of conversation -football, father’s and daughters.

When I moved away from El Paso in 1998 and I called my Dad, we did not have a lot to talk about. Although, I had lots to say about Curtis, the kids, the dogs and my various women's tennis sports thrillers, but he didn’t have a lot to share with me. I felt like our conversations were one sided since we didn’t converse. My dad l o v ed football, so, like a good daughter, I took up watching college and pro football. I cheer for the Aggies (unless they were playing the TT Raiders. If they played the Raiders, I was pistols up) and the Texans. My Dad rooted for UT and the Cowboys. He watched every game. We had some great conversations after the games, reliving the great plays, tragic fumbles, amazing long artful passes, the player’s impressive athletic abilities, and crazy interceptions together. The Texans play tonight, and I am pretty sure my Dad is pumped. I am having a strange urge to smoke a brisket or maybe some ribs. Tonight we watch together, however, he has a better view than I do. 


my Dad’s senior year book.