Accepted -

A few weeks ago I noticed that Artspace a non profit gallery  in Roundrock, Texas was having a call for art. The curatorial theme - "celebration and Rememberence" a sort of day of the dead celebration.  I immediately thought about a bust I sulpted in 2014 and how nice it would be for the inspiration  of my sculpture (Mr. S.Erickson) if the piece was selected. "Celebration and Remembered" is not a juried Show and I had decided to only apply for selective juried shows. It would be a away of paying tribute to a man who was forgotten in his time and it was a local opportunity to submit a sculpture. So I submitted the piece.  I am happy happy to report that "forgotten soul- S.Erickson" will be remembered and celebrated at Artspace in Roundtop Texas during the month of December.  Below is the artist statement I submitted. 

forgotten soul – S. Erickson

Was one of the thousands who died at the Oregon state mental hospital whose ashes were abandoned inside 3500 copper urns. I saw his picture in the newspaper and could not forget him. "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" was filmed at Oregon state mental hospital.His file stated he was a laborer and suffered from senility, he came to New York in 1883 from Norway. Mr. Erickson was one of the forgotten souls but I could not forget him.