peace pigeons.

Sunday a memory from 2 years ago came up on my Facebook feed.  I reposted it. (See below)

German beak creasted trumpeter- pigeon.  

German beak creasted trumpeter- pigeon.  

Below is a screen shot of a comment I received on the post. It is from a fellow sculptor Richard Solar. Richard's work always has strong historical references. His undergraduate thesis was on Picasso (Fakes, forgeries and reproductions).  I would provide a link to his website but it  is temporarily under construction. 


Of course I love Richards post however I did not recall Picasso drawing or painting pigeons. Everyone knows His famous "peace doves". I googled Picasso pigeons and -  he did draw  pigeons but he called them doves.  This particular pigeon was given to him by Henri Matisse. It is described as a Milanese pigeon. It was maybe from Milan but you can tell by the fancy feathers on his feet that is a German beak -created trumpeter. The same pigeon as in  my drawing. 

I wonder if he knew the difference between a dove and a pigeon. The below link is a great article about Picasso' peace dove (or should I say peace pigeon).