regenerative agriculture/art the search and research for a new body of work.

Regenerative agriculture/art-                                for some months I have been searching for a way to use my art to promote sustainable living and/or regenerative agriculture in an urban environment. I have had numerous conversations with my son, Griffin Klement, and his fiancé, Alex Groome (both whose life’s work is to save the planet and #livewithdignity), discussing what is the most viable message to communicate to people living in urban communities. Our conversations began on Mother’s Day weekend (2017), when I was visiting them in San Miguel Allende. They gave me a tour of the Via Organica farm that teaches locals how to live in a sustainable way. Yesterday, Alex Groome and I went to a regenerative agriculture farm in Spicewood Texas Terra Purezza to continue my research into what I hope to be a new and important part of my art practice.  

It is hard to pick 1 photo out of the 150 photos I took to represent the day. 

This video clip may not be the most interesting visually but listen to Orion as he sums up their priorities at Terra Purezza.  


Tina and Orion Weldon, and Tina’s sister, Karina Mackow were so generous with their time, Alex and I both were very grateful and as well as impressed. They are truly admirable and cutting edge regenerative citizens. 


Karina, Tina,  Orion and their beloved sounder of swine.  


Alex Groome (my soon to be daughter in law) taking photos and videos to post on 

one of the organizations that she and Griffin have worked hard to helped organize.  



Alex giving one of the Gloucestershire Old Spot (GOS) pigs a good scratch. They love Love Love you to scratch them. They are playful a sweet creatures as well as good to eat.  

post to be continued.