On a personal note- My son married his soulmate January 3rd


The photographer sent us a sneak peak of her photos from the wedding. The photographs are  beautiful and I loved Paige Ramsey’s description of Griffin and Alex. 



Elopement at the Houston Arboretum | Griffin and Alexandra

If there was an award for the shortest amount of time between emailing us and getting married, Griffin and Alexandra would be the winners. They contacted us just 3 weeks before their elopement at the Houston Arboretum. Making them the last wedding booked in 2017 and the first wedding photographed in 2018. And it was the best way to start the year.

Griffin and Alexandra are incredibly personable. They’re the kind of people you feel like you know immediately. It can be hard as a stranger to walk into an intimate family setting like this, but they made me feel right at home.

Alexandra is from Canada, they met in Costa Rica, got engaged in Mexico and now live in America studying at Texas A&M. I could have spent hours listening to Alexandra talk about their work helping small farmers prepare for the effects of climate change on their farms (and we obviously have a special place in our heart for couples that work together).

Because of their love for nature, it makes perfect sense that Griffin and Alexandra planned their elopement at the Houston Arboretum. I met Griffin at the entrance, walked with him back to the north meadow, and then returned to the entrance to meet Alexandra. Their ceremony was short, officiated by a family friend, and attended by just their immediate families and their dog, Grito.

We found a little clear spot at the edge of the meadow (you are NOT supposed to leave the trails to help protect the habitat of all the critters that live in the Houston Arboretum) and captured the sweetest couples portraits.

This simple and intimate elopement at the Houston Arboretum set a great tone for 2018. Couples like Alexandra and Griffin inspire us to live more adventurously and lovingly. To value our families, one another, and the earth more. To take more pride and put more passion in our work.

We hope we can pass some of that inspiration on to you.

My friend judge Carolyn Johnson presided over the ceremony. 

My friend judge Carolyn Johnson presided over the ceremony. 

They each wrote their own vows  

They each wrote their own vows  

Sage did the reading.  

Sage did the reading.  


Of course their fur baby Grito behaved perfectly.  



Griffin Joseph and Alexandra Groome Klement ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Happily ever after