Faux bois Wedding gift ❤️❤️ #10 building the humidifier

Concrete has to stay wet for five days. If it doesn’t, it cracks. In order to keep my piece wet, I created a temporary humidifier room. The frame is PVC and actually Curtis bought and built the pvc frame for me. It was a honey do project for him. And I am very grateful for all his help. Several years ago, Christine Medina created a plastic tarp to fit my frame. She creatively held it together with stickers from an exhibit in the old Rice Gallery. The last time I used it, the stickers fell off. As a result I have made a new plastic cover.


My new cover has red construction zippers that will allow me to peak in and make sure the piece is staying moist.


My humidifier with a dolly sitting inside.  

The next step is to get a strong board 24” X 48”  

to set in the the dolly and then set the bench on. - another honey do. The bench is from us both so I don’t feel guilty asking curtis to help out.