New piece - Hurricane Harvey confronted with humanity #2

Below, I am experimenting with what a collection of watercolor monotype images would look like grouped together. I have used some images more than once, just to get a feel of what a big group would look like together. Photographing them with my phone makes some of them look like they are on different colored papers. They are all on the same BKReeves white paper. The long term goal would be to have a sculpture of a Red Cross cot in front of the drawings with a wire dog on it. The drawings behind the sculpture would fill a wall.

Above I am playing with the photos on my phone. These watercolor monotypes are  30” X 22” 


I don’t feel like they are really working like I want them to. I want each image to flow into the next piece. Maybe it is because they are photos not the work. 


Above I have tried hanging some on my studio wall. When I have time I will move the lower three to the top. 

Of course the size of the grouping would depend on the space available. With the cot sculpture I would like to see them at least 4 tall and 4 wide.  

I have two more drying and will try to do two more on Wednesday.