Faux bois Wedding gift ❤️❤️ #5

For Griffin and Alex- 

Today is overcast and drizzly, my favorite weather. As I work on the kid's bench, I take a picture every hour, then every thirty minutes, then every fifteen minutes of our night blooming water Lillie. It is normally closed up and underwater by mid-morning. Due to the overcast sky, it is lingering exceptionally long and gives me time to absorb every stage of its closing. I know that Griffin and Alex will enjoy knowing the Lillie as well. The dogs are hanging out with me while I secure lath to their gift.  


Today’s lesson number one for a happy marriage and life is always have a dog or two in your family. Man/woman + animal + plant = A sustainable life 


Goose and Tobi my faithful helpers. 


The last time I worked on the bench, I covered a limb from the right side foot clear across to the other side of the bench.

Lesson number two is about looking at both sides. Take the time to step out of your preset opinions and listen to your partner’s thoughts and opinions. To stay balanced, seek out each other’s unique views. See life through your partner’s eyes. :) 


Lesson number three is to give each other flowers. They don’t have to be store-bought or delivered. They can be beautiful weeds hand-picked, or in a photograph texted.

Here are the lillies.