Cicada emergence?

On my morning walk I saw all these giant bees humming around the grass near a tree. I was so pumped I stopped and squatted at the base of the tree and just watched them. I immediately realized they were not bees. They were really cool. I tried to video them but they were too fast.

On my way home I found a beautiful cicada wing and then a gorgeous dead cicada and a lovely root.

Did I witness a cicada emergence?. The whole idea is so poetic. I feel like I should cook a special organic meal or I don’t know do something to acknowledge such a special creature.

I don’t know much about cicadas other than if you are obsessed with protecting wild bees and always keeping your eye out for them you might see a cicada. So I googled cicadas and found out how special they are.

Check them out in the link below. They are important not only as a source of protein, they prune tree and provide nutrients to tree roots, they have inspired many a song and have microscopic structures on their wings that destroy bacteria. This discovery is being used to advance medicine in the area of antibacterial cornea replacements. Who new? There is so much to learn from nature once we learn to live with it.

i really want to learn learn more about their antibacterial qualities, microflora and their impact/relationship with roots and healthy soil.