"the road". Cyclist - and what inspired this series.

Inspiration for new abstract series- I am often asked where my ideas come from. The answer is everywhere. I am always looking for imagery that interests me. Imagery that, when abstracted, will express a particular emotion or energy. I then think about what type of lines will best express that feeling, what media will work best. I was inspired to create the cyclist body of work a few months ago very early on a Sunday morning when I was peacefully driving down Allen Parkway toward downtown. "Could you be loved" by Bob Marley was playing on the radio. The asphalt street, slightly curving to the right, sparkled in the glaring sunlight. The second that I saw them, I was inspired by their images, their lines, the rhythm they shared, the obvious camaraderie that bonded them.

Below is is a summary of what I remember of that morning.

Houston's downtown skyline was lathered in dark shadows; it dripped silhouettes of oil into puddles. The silhouettes, their broad shoulders and fit waistlines bobbled back and forth over my dashboard, as their black spindle-like legs pumped the pedals right, left, right, left, never straying from the pool of their shadow. I stayed a safe distance behind and studied the rhythm of their images. Their body language, their energy, and sense of being part of a pack stayed with me.

If you zoom in you can see it like I saw it.

I will post more in my process soon.