I started eating only grassfed Beef in 2006. I am finally noticing, in 2017 eleven years later, that the grassfed craze is catching on. I have never been shy about promoting the health benefits of grassfed, as well as the environmental benefits. Anytime I am at a restaurant that serves steak I always ask the waiter if their beef is grassfed. If it is not grassfed, I order something else. If it is grassfed, I order a steak. Back in 2006, actually until recently, I always had to order something else. Lately, I have found that many restaurants are carrying grassfed meats.


I have also made a few monumental drawings of grassfed cows, from photos I took while visiting my friends Lisa and John Harrison's grassfed cattle ranch. Below is "grassfed I". It is drawn on a piece of recycled brown paper. I am getting her framed and gifting her to two of my favorite environmentalists. She will be in the background when they are on FaceTime conference calls with soil scientist and environmentalists, from Paris to the USA, and from Morocco to Mexico. I am so happy to be helping in a very small way to promote grassfed beef and regenerative agriculture.

This cow just stared at me as I took her photo, without skipping a beat, as she chewed casually in the pasture.  


 "grassfed I" 

charcoal and gesso 

60" X 36"