“score” #34 ❤️

April 3,

Happy happy day- below is a screen shot of a ❤️ from my cousin Andrew Irvin the concert master for the Arkansas Symphony. Andrew last year posted the below photos on Facebook, I loved the portraits and told him so and gave him a ❤️. After I complimented him on the photos he generously offered them to me through messenger as inspiration for my work. I was so excited that he recognized the possible connection between the art I make and photographic technique used by the photographer. Since then, and numerous post of the progress of my work today’s ❤️ was the first comment from him. I am certain he is extremely busy and rarely sees my blog post. That said I have been a little paranoid that he would not approve of the piece.

I am very pleased to get a ❤️ today. 


Screen shot of my cousins ❤️ from Facebook.  




screen shot from messenger earlier last year when Drew offered me his photos.