Glyphosate lenticular- trying to get it right

 I printed a lenticular from my three mono-prints of a dead bee. I decided to loop the images. That was a mistake when it comes to creating imagery that speaks to extinction. There is no loop and no second chance. With that in mind, I am trying for proof #2 with out a loop of image number 2.


I think this will work 🐝 

“Gust” artist statement tweaking


I continue to tweak new versions of possible artist statements for “gust”, looking for the perfect words.  


How does this sound?  


Woven in felt, every hat tells a story, shaped with memories, recording beliefs, and veiling sorrow, some eloquent and some twisted. Cradled in our imagination, they blow in strange, wonderful ways, spinning from past generations that are inhabited by our respect to balancing our present responsibilities and fears. In generations past, in fable and in legend, hats sheltered spirits, represented people and occupations, and defended against the elements.


“gust” In my kitchen after applying the patina.  Living with this hat for a few days making sure I am finished with the patina in it.